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The Practice of Nurse Herbalism

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Welcome to our revolution in healthcare, returning nurses to their deep and long-standing history of partnering with plants. We are committed to the empowerment & education of nurses within herbalism, to connect them to their past & empower their future, for the care & comfort of their patients. ​Recognizing there is no other continuing education program for nurses focused on the Nursing Process within herbalism, Karen Bond developed the Nurse Herbalist course to serve as a catalyst for change within Nursing. The Nurse Herbalist course supports nurses recapturing their long-standing heritage in herbal education, to be able to make simple herbal recommendations when appropriate, holistically helping patients. These courses are rooted in herbalism and grounded in the nursing process, the first step to empowering nurses in the practice of Nurse Herbalism. The nursing process is the essential core of practice for a registered nurse to deliver holistic, patient-focused care, and is a scientific, systematic guide with five sequential steps: 1) Assessment 2) Diagnosis 3) Planning 4) Implementation 5) Evaluation Our 3-Course Continuing Education Certified Nurse Herbalist (CNH) certificate program is focused on the evidenced-based nursing process for holistic patient-centered care, the first step in incorporating herbalism into your practice. The Nurse Herbalist programs are dedicated to the education of nurses within herbalism. Join us in Revitalizing Nurse Herbalism.

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